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Pink and White Terraces

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    Before Mt Tarawera erupted in 1886, the Pink and White Terraces on the shores of Lake Rotomahana were considered to be the eighth Wonder of the World, and attracted tourists from far and wide. The terraces had formed over approximately 500 years, as silica rich water flowed down the hillside from bowling geysers. The water cooled and crystalized into the terraces and pools, forming giant staircases and waterfalls. The layers of fabrics in this costume represent the terraces, and the strands of pearls represent the water flowing from the geysers.

    This costume is size 8-10 with a bra size of 10 C/D. The skirt is very adjustable with velcro and hooks. Super comfortable to wear, it comes with translucent wings to enhance your stage perfomance. It also comes with a head piece and neck piece.


    Created by Jo Marie Wearable Art.

    If you wish to book this for an upcoming competition please email me at with the dates needed.

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