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    The jewel from the sea! Paua is a species of Abalone and it is only found in the seas around New Zealand. There is no other shell in the world that has colours like the Paua shell, from greens and pinks to purples and blues. The Paua meat is a traditional delicacy for Maori, and the shell was traditionally used to illuminate the eyes of their carvings and artwork.

    This costume is size 8. 100's of curved strips of fabric create the layers like a Paua shell. Natural tumble polished Paua shell pieces each drilled with 2 holes and sprayed with a clear laquer are hand stitched onto to the gown. The gown is embellished with 100's of gems and rhinestones for ultimate sparkle. The costume comes with an arm piece, beaded neck piece and head piece featuring Paua shell beads.

    Created by Jo Marie Wearable Art.

    If you wish to book this for an upcoming competition please email me at with the dates needed.

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