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    If you're from New Zealand, then you probably know of Rangi and Papa, the primordial couple featured in the creation myth in Māori mythology.

    Papatūānuku is Mother Earth, and along with the Sky Father is said to have birthed over 70 children including Tāwhirimātea (who we also have an outfit for). Papatūānuku is the land she nourishes all things. The updated skirt is almost like a tutu, emulating the tree tops.

    This costume is size 8-12 with a fully adjustable corset. Corset can be worn over the top of the skirt as well.  It comes with 4 elastic armbands adorned with ferns and a fantastic necklace and headpiece. Dozens of gems and a handful of sequin ferns have been hand attached to the corset. We recommend using fake greenery as a prop when presenting this outfit on stage - such as a vine or more ferns.(This outfit shares a skirt with Pounamu)

    Created by Jo Marie Wearable Art.

    If you wish to book this for an upcoming competition please email me at with the dates needed.

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