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Hine Hukatere (Franz Josef Glacier)

  • Details:

    Maori legend says princess Hine Hukatere loved mountaineering, but when she fell in love with Wawe from a beach tribe and took him on a mountain climb, he was tragically swept away in an avalanche. Hine's grief led her on a journey to the heart of the Southern Alps were she wept and wept for years. The gods, witnessing Hine’s anguish and sympathizing with her loss, froze her tears, transforming them into a colossal river of ice—the Franz Josef Glacier. It is a tale of love, loss, and the enduring power of nature’s creation.

    This costume is size 8-10 stretchy bedazzled leotard. The flowy over-garment is roomy and easy to attach. Two large shoulder pads adorned with "icicles" match the head piece. It is also adorned with tear-like gems.


    Created by Jo Marie Wearable Art.

    If you wish to book this for an upcoming competition please email me at with the dates needed.

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