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Aotearoa Warrior Princess

  • Details:

    Inspired by Zena and The Lord of The Rings, our warrior princess is a strong
    independent Kiwi women whom embodies the characteristics of self worth, strength and a love for our place in this world and everyone in it.


    Printed on the costume in Elvish (from The Lord of The Rings) are the words:


    This costume is size 8-10 but fully adjustable. The corset and skirt are attached, and adjusts with lacing.  It comes with a large cape to enhance your stage perfomance. It also comes with a stunning head piece and neck piece, as well as arm and leg accessories. This costume has a great stage presence.


    Created by Jo Marie Wearable Art.

    If you wish to book this for an upcoming competition please email me at with the dates needed.

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